Video + Photo


Sony, the global leader in electronics and entertainment, partnered with us to create engaging social media videos for their new microphones, the ECM-1 and the ECM-W3. Our mission? To create two distinct videos that not only showcased these cutting-edge devices but also resonated with Sony's diverse online audience.

The Challenge

The task was twofold: to create an ASMR video that highlighted the ECM-1's superior sound quality and a fun, dynamic video that tested the ECM-W3's wind noise reduction capabilities. We needed to ensure both videos were entertaining, visually captivating, and effectively demonstrated the microphones' unique features.

Our Approach

The ASMR Video

When it comes to capturing the essence of tranquility, nothing speaks volumes quite like a serene mountaintop setting. For the ASMR video, we decided to take this serenity up a notch by focusing on something that comforts millions every day - coffee. We headed to the mountain top with a pack of instant coffee and our trusty ECM-1 microphone.

As the camera rolled, we meticulously recorded the sounds of each step in the coffee-making process. From the rustling of the coffee packet and the soft whoosh of water boiling to the gentle clinking of the spoon stirring the brew, each sound was captured with pristine clarity by the ECM-1. The end result was a unique, immersive ASMR experience that transported viewers to the mountain top with us.

The breathtaking, cinematic visuals combined with the high-quality audio created an engaging sensory journey. This innovative approach allowed us to showcase the ECM-1's exceptional sound quality while providing viewers with a tranquil yet powerful ASMR experience. The video was exceptionally well received, amassing over a million views across our social media platforms.

The Tuk Tuk Adventure

For the second video, we decided to take our audience on a fun ride in our tuk-tuk. We tested the ECM-W3's wind noise reduction capabilities by driving around in various weather conditions. This dynamic and entertaining approach allowed us to demonstrate the ECM-W3's impressive features while keeping our audience engaged.

The Outcome

Both videos were a huge success, exceeding expectations on all fronts. The ASMR video was exceptionally well-received, amassing over a million views across our social media platforms. It stood as a testament to the ECM-1's superior sound quality, capturing the serenity of the mountain top with crystal clear audio.

The tuk tuk adventure video was equally successful. It effectively showcased the ECM-W3's wind noise reduction capabilities, all while providing viewers with an entertaining journey. The video's fun and dynamic approach resonated with our audience, leading to high engagement rates.


Working with Sony was an exciting opportunity. This project demonstrated the power of creative social media content in showcasing product features and engaging with a diverse online audience. The success of these videos underscores the importance of innovative, engaging content in promoting products and enhancing brand visibility. We look forward to more collaborations with Sony and other innovative brands looking to make a splash on social media.