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Web Design

Carlos Whittaker

Carlos Whittaker is a storyteller, speaker, and author. His website, built on Webflow, is a true reflection of his vibrant personality and a perfect fit for his Instagram-loving audience. We've crafted a beautiful design with a mobile-friendly interface that incorporates Instagram UI elements, interactive features, and seamless integration with Carlos's Instagram profile. Plus, we've dedicated a special page for his popular podcast, "How To Human," making it super easy for fans to access show notes.

Section 1: The Process

To create a website that would effectively capture the essence of Carlos Whittaker - a best-selling author, speaker, and community influencer known for his fun and inspiring persona - we used Webflow. This platform allows for dynamic, responsive design. Our main goal is to create a site that not only reflects Carlos's fun and inspiring persona but also speaks directly to his Instagram-engaged audience.

To make this happen, we've extensively researched Carlos's audience. We studied their behavior on Instagram, how they interact, and what they prefer. Armed with this knowledge, we moved into the design phase, focusing on creating a mobile-friendly interface. We know that most of his audience will be accessing the site from their smartphones, so it's essential to make it easy for them to engage with Carlos on the go.

In designing the website, we incorporated elements from Instagram's interface to create a sense of familiarity for his followers. It's all about making them feel right at home.
But we didn't stop there. We wanted to truly capture Carlos's community-driven spirit. We want users to feel connected and engaged every step of the way; that's why we seamlessly integrated Carlos's Instagram account into the website's footer. Users can easily switch between platforms, making it effortless to stay connected and updated on everything Carlos Whittaker.

Section 2: The Result

The resulting website is a true reflection of Carlos Whittaker's brand – vibrant, engaging, and inspiring. It effectively bridges the gap between his Instagram community and personal platform. The mobile-friendly design has been highly effective, with over 80% of traffic coming from mobile devices. The seamless Instagram integration has also led to an increase in followers on his Instagram account, further expanding Carlos's reach.

Human Hope Podcast

We knew how much Carlos' podcast meant to his fans, so we made sure to give it the spotlight it deserved. We aimed to create a space where listeners could easily find all the juicy show notes for each episode. No more searching through endless pages!

Our design team worked tirelessly to make this page super user-friendly and intuitive. We wanted to make sure that every episode's notes were clearly marked and easy to access. And boy, did we succeed!

Not only did this new feature enhance the overall user experience, but it also added a whole new dimension to Carlos' website. Now, visitors can see just how incredible his work is and dive into valuable content tailored specifically for them.

It's no surprise that the Human Hope Podcast page has quickly become one of the hottest spots on the website. We learned firsthand how important it is to cater to the needs and interests of our target audience.

Section 3: Conclusion

Designing and developing Carlos Whittaker's website on Webflow has been incredibly fulfilling. We managed to create a site that not only met our client's needs but also delivered an immersive and seamless experience for his audience. This project's success highlights the importance of understanding your audience's behavior and preferences when designing a website. By prioritizing a mobile-first approach and integrating recognizable social media features, we crafted a website that genuinely connects with Carlos's audience and extends his community-driven brand onto a new platform.